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Betteridge Sapphires

1.4ct Australian Parti Sapphire

1.4ct Australian Parti Sapphire

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Ethically Hand Mined Australian Sapphire

Australian Parti Sapphire

This is an absolutely stunning Yellow/Green Australian Sapphire ☀️ 🍃 

Hand mined by Matt in Rubyvale area C. Qld Australia. Faceted by Amber.

Measures: 6.4mm length, 4.8mm depth

Treatment: Light Heat  

Clarity: This stone contains a small discoidal inclusion visible under magnification. It is not detracting from the elegant beauty or stability of this stone. 

Price includes express postage Australia wide. Postal Insurance available at buyers request. Some photos are taken in a gem holder for display purposes only.
Email or message for trade enquiries.
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