Betteridge Sapphires In The Media

Check out Betteridge Sapphires making waves in the media! We're excited to share the brilliance of Australian sapphires and the charm of the Central Queensland Gemfields with the world. If you would like to discuss media opportunities with us, please reach out using our Contact Form. Take a peek at some of our recent media highlights and join in on the excitement!

Riley's Find goes VIRAL

Riley and Matt went on a specking trip and Riley found a 14.5ct Australian Sapphire. Riley's find went viral on TikTok with over 2.5M views and most News Outlets publishing the story online. Riley was also invited to join The Project and ABC News Breakfast to talk about his exciting find.  

The Project on X: "A young Queenslander is now thousands of dollars richer  after he found a gemstone just metres from his house. 7-year-old Riley  Betteridge tells us how he did it.
Betteridge Sapphires Featured in Woman's Day
We quit our jobs to hunt for Australian Sapphires! Woman's Day featured our story to showcase our unique lifestyle and business venture. 
Amber's Find Makes Headlines
Our TikTok video with 88K views featuring Amber finding a 54ct Australian Sapphire caught the attention of Yahoo News with most other News Outlets also featuring the story. 
Betteridge Sapphires on ABC Back Roads
We had the honour of spending time with Lisa Millar and being showcased by ABC Back Roads, shining a light on our beautiful community and our pursuit of Australian Sapphires.
Matt's 834ct Sapphire Find goes VIRAL
Shortly after moving to The Gemfields Matt made an incredible discovery. He found his biggest Australian Sapphire weighing in at a whopping 834ct. Matt's TikTok video finding the 834ct Sapphire went viral with 544K views and the Media were quick to pick up the story. Matt was invited on to The Today Show, 7 News Sunrise and online outlets across the globe featured the story.