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Betteridge Sapphires

4.14ct Australian Parti Sapphire

4.14ct Australian Parti Sapphire

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Ethically Hand Mined Australian Sapphire

Australian Parti Sapphire

Behold this 4.14ct Australian Parti Sapphire—a mesmerizing rarity. Its golden core is encircled by a blue embrace, sending delicate hints of green dancing within. A true testament to nature's artistry, this gem is not just a stone but a captivating story waiting to be told. Take a wonder into your garden and see the colours turn into a magical tapestry highlighting the colours from your surrounds. 

Australian Sapphires of this size and exquisite coloration are exceedingly rare, making it a cherished investment for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Hand mined in the Rubyvale area C Qld Australia and faceted locally.

Measures:9.3mm wide, 6.1mm depth

Treatment: light heat

Clarity: clean, no inclusions or flaws, no visible silk

Photos taken in a gem holder for display purposes. 

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