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Betteridge Sapphires

.55ct Australian Parti Sapphire

.55ct Australian Parti Sapphire

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Ethically Hand Mined Australian Sapphire

Australian Parti Sapphire

This stunning Australian Parti Sapphire features a beautiful mix of yellow, blue and green colouration.

Ethically Hand Mined in the Rubyvale area C Qld by Matt Betteridge. Expertly faceted into a Kite design by our overseas faceting partners . 

Measures:6.3mm length, 5.5mm width, 3.3mm depth

Treatment: None

Clarity: Free from any fractures, may contain some natural silk not detracting from the beauty of this stone. 

This is a loose gemstone, photos taken in a gem holder for display purposes. 

Email or message for trade enquiries. 



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